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The Cigar Vault - Buda TX

Great selection of cigars, pipe tobacco, craft beers and wine. They have an air conditioned and ventilated indoor smoking lounge, along with an awesome outdoor patio area. Established in 2017.

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Leaf and Barrel - New Braunfels TX

If you are looking for the world’s finest cigars, coffee, wine, craft beers and men’s gifts, you may have just found a slice of heaven in New Braunfels. Leaf and Barrel is a trending new concept that caters to the clients needs and wants with customer service in mind.

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Smokers Abbey - Round Rock TX

North Austin's premium cigar lounge, offering handrolled cigars from some of the best boutique companies in the world, appealing to both the newby and to the old school smoker.

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Obvious question first.
What the heck is a herf?

It’s simple. It’s just a cigar party, a gathering of BOTLs and SOTLs (brothers and sisters of the leaf) to enjoy fine smokes and good company.

You’d think there would be an interesting story behind a word like ‘herf’, but, unfortunately, you’d be disappointed. All we can say about its etymology is that it was probably coined on an online cigar newsgroup (the precursor to forums, message boards and such) sometime in the 90’s.

Uncaptivating origins aside, cigar herfs are a blast. It’s hard not to have a good time at one, especially if you obey these few simple rules of cigar herf etiquette.


Regarding Cigars

Herfs often involve a lot of gifting and sharing of smokes. So bring some extra along with you if you can. It’s in especially good taste to present one to the host.

But if for some reason you can’t, no problem. It’s by no means mandatory.

If you’re holding the herf at a cigar shop, things are different. You’ll want to leave your own smokes at home and buy some from the shop instead. You wouldn’t make a sandwich at home and bring it to a restaurant, would you?

Drinks and Eats

Like cigars, it’s a good idea to bring food and drink for yourself and to share -- especially on the drink side (assuming the herf isn’t at a bar).

If you’re hosting the herf, you should prepare like you would for any other party. Even if people agree to bring food and drinks beforehand, you should have a decent supply ready to make sure there’s enough to go around.

Location and Guest List

Locations can vary. Cigar shops, people’s homes and bars can all work well. The only requirement, of course, is that the location be smoke friendly.

Obviously, you want your guests to be smoke friendly, too. It’s not that non-smokers wouldn’t be welcome, but they may feel uncomfortable with all the smoke and cigar talk.

Have Fun

The last and most important rule is just to enjoy yourself, which shouldn’t be tough. There’s simply nothing like good friends and good cigars.

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